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5 Comments for Craig Wright

  1. From admin on April 16, 2019: ()
  2. From admin on April 16, 2019: ()

    Today Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) is delisted from Binance & Shapeshift, and soon delisting from Kraken.

  3. From admin on February 1, 2019: ()

    avoid /r/bitcoincashSV

  4. From admin on December 5, 2018: ()

    I hate to give Craig (and the rest of these scammers) an extra platform, but I would really like to spread the word in hopes people will avoid these scammers, frauds, and cheats.

  5. From JakobF on December 1, 2018: ()

    Faketoshi such a scammer he’s getting all the attention lately that he has always desired. Don’t give this scammer anymore attention!

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